Sunday, September 30, 2007

Greetings! And Welcome to My Life with Horses

September 30, 2007

Whether you're someone who's gotten to know me from reading my monthly columns in Horse Illustrated or you've sort of just wandered in here through a link on the Horse Channel website, I want to welcome you.

Though my Life with Horses column will finish up its run in Horse Illustrated with the December issue, I decided to start my blog today. This way I'll be able to get comfortable with the whole blogging scenario before the magazine column rides off into the sunset.

So what's this all about? First, I'll continue to share some of my experiences living with horses in my backyard as well as some of my everyday escapades in my horsey lifestyle. Humor is my objective, as I believe that there isn't enough to laugh at these days, unfortunately. But I also hope to have some thoughtful, poignant things to say as well. Next, having this blog will allow me to bring up some issues in the horse world. I won't call them rants or tirades-- who wants to read that?-- but about once a week I'll present a personal viewpoint or concern I have related to horses. I doubt you'll find them controversial. But they may get you thinking. And that leads to my final reason for this blog. Very soon you, the reader, will be able to share your thoughts and responses related to my ramblings. I mean my "thoughtful musings."

That's it for now. I hear a distinct sound of metal-rattling-against-metal, telling me that Wally the Wonder Paint (that's him in the photo above) thinks it's time for dinner. He's no doubt flipping the snap on his gate in an effort to escape and head for the buffet table on his own. But more about that later.


beautiful_mess38 said...

Hi, I read your column in Horse Illistrated and enjoy it. I'm glad you decided to blog. I find your article's funny, intersting and I learn alot from you.

love4horses said...

Hi Cindy! I read your column in HI every month. You will be missed. I look forward to "Life with Horses".
Have a beautiful horsey kind of day. Lori

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that I have subscribed to HI for years, the first thing I do is turn to your column, I am very dissapointed to see it will no longer be there. I just want you to know that in my opinion, your column was one of the brightest spots in the entire magazine, they have brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion. I am however very happy to be able to read your blog, I hope all good things will come your way in your new endevors. Thanks for years of wonderful, thoughtful, sentimental, and also humorus reading. Hugs, Lisa