Sunday, November 4, 2007

Horses can be finicky eaters. My little mare, for example, will only eat one brand of horse cookie. That's it. One brand. Period. My gelding Wally, however, is the equine version of a junk food addict. A KitKat bar is as good as a donut and a handful of granola is no better than a chunk of watermelon rind. A slurp of soda pop and he's in Paint horse heaven.

A current Horse Channel poll question asks which Halloween trick-or-treat candy your horse might like. That seems like an appropriate topic because we're just working our way through the leftovers now, right? And the supermarket is trying desperately to dispense with all that orange and black colored candy so they can steer us toward the red and green colored candy. (Christmas candy, already, anyone?) *sigh*

While we definitely need to consider each horse's dietary concerns-- no overweight or Cushings disease horses need sugary, high-caloric treats-- you might want to add your thoughts to a chat here: Horse Treat Discussion

In the meantime, my horses Wally and Lexi will have to settle for carrots. I'm hogging the mini-Snickers bars and the candy corn.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, it's Katie. Is this the lady who judged at Camelot last weekend? If it is, I just wanted to say hi! I'm the girl who was riding Aces High, and talked to you about what I could have done better on. Hope to talk to you soon, great blog! :)

Cindy Hale said...

Yes, Katie, it's me. I hope you continue with your riding. You're certainly off to a good start! Aces High is a much better show horse than my first show horse: a wily, scruffy over-grown pony named Honeybee. Oh. And I'm glad you found my blog and that you're enjoying it!

BClear said...

Hi Cindy- My name is Bailey and I'm a journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston. I'm trying to write a story for class about magazines that have gone online and was planning on writing about I was hoping to interview you to talk about your experiences with the magazine and your blogging. Unfortunately this is the only way I've been able to figure out how to reach you! If you would be available for a quick interview, please e-mail me at I'd really appreciate it!