Thursday, March 6, 2008

Video Games

Horse shopping is not fun.

Many of you seem to agree with me, based on the comments I get from readers. I suppose hunting for another horse would be enjoyable if all the potential horses could be gathered up in one spot so I could peruse them in one day. You know, so that I could hop on the roan gelding first, then climb on the bay filly next, then watch the barely broke pinto have a spin in the round pen. But it's not like that. Instead I make endless phone calls chatting with nameless strangers about their horses. And while I live in a very horsey community, for some reason just about every horse I'm remotely interested in-- based on ads in print or online-- happen to live at least 75 miles away. I can't wait to get my phone bill.

Since I'm not into making road trips that I'm fairly confident will end up being wild goose chases (wild horse chases?), I always ask for additional photos and perhaps a video. I want to see the horse actually doing something, like moving so I can see if it's lame. Or being ridden so that I know that it's broke. I guess it's like online dating. Everyone looks fetching and debonaire in formal attire and all spiffied up, but what's their everyday appearance? Do they play sports or are they couch potatoes? Do they have any outside interests so they get out and about, or are they reclusive homebodies?

A video can reveal so much about people and horses: their mannerisms, the way they relate to their environment, how they interact with people. For example, biting the person next to you is not a welcome trait in horses or people.

So for these long-distance horses, I'm going to continue to ask for a video. Even a YouTube snippet is fine. And I realize that many times my query will be met with a lengthy pause, followed by a sigh, as if cranking up the video camera is similar to undergoing a root canal. But in today's economy, when horse prices are flat and my gasoline is priceless, asking for a video doesn't seem like a ridiculous request.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of all the horses getting together. To bad we can't orginize (sp) expo, where everyone bring their horses for sell, then if you like the horse you take the info of the seller and continue later. With other stuff, Not like an auction, more like a show-and-tell.

Anonymous said...

I just went through the root canal of getting a prospect video. Unfortunatly all it showed was a bucking, running horse race. I wish sellers would realize they could sell their product alot faster with a minute of well, put-together video footage!

Halsgal said...

I guess i'm lucky! i've never horse shopped. :D My brother bought Hal and then outgrew him in 6 months, so I got the hand-me-down horse. :D I can't say that I miss not having my horse shopping excursions, i just had my dream horse trust upon me you might say. :D he likes me more though . . . Good luck with the horse searching!

Anonymous said...

Horse shopping should be like speed-dating.

Cindy Hale said...

I think the horse shopping expo/show-and-tell (or show-and-sell) would be a great idea! And yes, it SHOULD be like speed dating... I may have to write about that idea!

I've also gotten some "interesting" videos of horses for sale. One was of a horse that was slightly off in a front leg. Since I'm sure that's not news to the seller/owner, I just politely let her know it wasn't the right horse for me. Because, ya' know, I'd sort of like a sound one. *sigh*