Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poultice Patrol, Part Two: I Officially Change a Diaper... On Wally's Hoof

Once I've thoroughly cleaned and inspected Wally's hoof (nope, no drainage yet), I goop up the inside of the diaper with the poultice. Rather than the standard Icthamol, I'm going with Mag Paste, which is a thick gel about the color of a lime lollipop. It contains tons of Epsom salts and lots of other mysterious ingredients that smell like really strong cheap men's cologne. But I don't care. At least it doesn't smell like baby poop.

Fortunately, my mother coached me from the sidelines. She instructed me on how the little sticky tabs are supposed to magically adhere to the corresponding flaps on the front of the diaper. My mother is so silly. Ha! Like I knew there was a front and a back to a diaper.

Okay, now here's something I know how to handle: Vetrap. It goes over and all around the diaper to secure it in place. I had to figure-8 it around the hoof and then across the sole of the hoof, but those sorts of fine-motor skills gymnastics I can do. After all, I am a horsewoman! Just don't ask me to be a Nanny. And you probably don't want me to babysit any kid who's not potty trained, either.

Once the entire ordeal is completed, Wally was taken back inside to his hospital room, where he's convalescing. Though he's allowed out in a big paddock for part of the day (the footing is soft out there), he's living in one of the former foaling stalls. Wally's biggest complaint seems to be that the vet ordered him placed on a restricted diet. Wally says, "The view is nice but this hospital food leaves much to be desired. Where are my peppermints and horse cookies?"

If you'd like to leave a comment, just click on "comments" below. I'll read them all to Wally. It'll keep his mind off the food he's not getting.


Anonymous said...

Wally looks adorable...like maybe he's saying: "If I look cute enough, will you feed me?" Hope he feels better soon!! Hang in there, Wally. Your mom will bring back your peppermints and horse cookies before you know it. :-)

Anonymous said...

wally fell better soon!

Cindy Hale said...

I have to admit, I have snuck him some peppermints... Just don't tell my vet!