Sunday, October 7, 2007

Enough already with the wind.

I live in an area of Southern California that is very prone to high winds. I've got a range of mountains in the distance, foothills outside my backyard and the hillsides of a national forest behind me. When the wind blows, it zips through a valley-wide tunnel created by the natural landscape. My horses having static electricity in their tails is not the worst of my worries. Nor is their being so high that handling them is like flying a kite on the end of a lead rope. I worry instead about tree branches blowing into my paddocks and fires igniting the dried grass on the slopes nearby.

I guess this is my way of saying that I won't be riding today. I hope you're enjoying better weather for riding!

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Anonymous said...

Cindy, you're not alone. I live in Great Falls, MT. Actually, I live on a giant 'hill' just outside of city limits. Up there, it is WINDY!!! Thank GOD for the indoor arena! however, it's been more than once that I've taken a stumble because something, (including the port-a-potty) has rammed against the arena side and spooked an already hyper horse into a pro-rodeo bronco! Still, I'm lucky to have an indoor.

P.S. Love your stories in HI!