Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Games Horses Play

There's a certain rowdy rambunctiousness that's overcome my two horses. I think it's the winter weather. Or maybe it's the upcoming holidays. Maybe they know Christmas and New Years are just around the corner and they're ready to celebrate. But at any rate, they seem to be in festive moods and they're incredibly frisky. That has led them to begin playing some annual Holiday Horse Games. See if you recognize any of these activities:

* Trimming the Christmas Pepper Tree: In this game, my horses stretch their necks until they are doing their best impersonation of a giraffe while tied to the hitching post. If they extend their lips just far enough they are now able to nibble on the pepper tree I planted at the back of my tackroom. Soon it will be my own stick-and-twigs version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

* The Yuletide Shoe Toss: Without revealing my monthly horse budget, let's just say that I spent more money on Wally's shoes last week than I plan on spending on my sister's Christmas present. (I hope she's not reading this). That's why he's wearing pull-on bell boots for the remainder of December. Each shoe is worth its weight in... Oh, I don't know, its weight in gourmet Godiva chocolates. Which, by the way, make an excellent last minute gift. But I digress. Much as Wally would like to pull off one of his designer shoes, I shan't allow it.

* Holly Holey Blanket Chew-Off: Both of my horses are being body shaved next week and it's actually getting down into the 30s and 40s at night. So shortly they're going to be switching from wearing simple sheets at night to donning heavy-duty blankets. If I care so much about their welfare to put snuggly, cozy pajamas on them at night, why do they care so little? Horse blankets are not chew toys. And yet, I'm already prepared to find slobber spots and nibble marks on them. I hope the blankets make it through the winter... or at least until their coats grow out.

*Jingle Bell Gate Rattle: Ah, is there nothing merrier than hearing a compulsive horse fiddle with its gate snap throughout the night? Such melodious clanging fills the frosty night air with... Frankly, I don't care! Just please, Santa, make it stop!

Maybe I need to steep some hot apple cider, sit down and sip slowly. That'll make me enjoy the winterfest activities of my horses. After all, they seem to be having fun.

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Cindy's sister said...

Oh, yeah, your sister's reading. :p

Now about that Christmas gift....

In case anyone wonders, yes, our lives are exactly as wacky as Cindy portrays them here, and as she did in her former column in Horse Illustrated.

Anonymous said...

Question - did you ever make that creamed corn for Thanksgiving? ^_^

I have one game to add - the Shredding of Nativity Scenes.

We built a nativity scene at our barn out of hay, baling twine, and grain bags. When we let the horses up, they ran right through the scene and sent everything flying.

Cindy Hale said...

"The Shredding of the Nativity Scene" is a classic! Apparently nothing is sacred to equines, LOL!

No, I did not make creamed corn for Thanksgiving. But I thought about it...

And just for the record, my sister will not be disappointed with her Christmas presents. That's "presents." Plural.

Anonymous said...

My horses play the "Holly Holey Blanket Chew-Off" game. It seems that they like being without clothes.

Heather said...

oh and don't forget the ever popular " Deck the halls with bucks and spinning" My horse, Maverick decided to be the belle of the Christmas carol on horseback party last weekend with his antics. Can't imagine why he didn't like the gold quarter sheet,jingle bells and velvet poinsettia's in his mane...there is just no accounting for taste!