Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Vision of Hell

It's been said that we all can imagine our own version of hell and let me tell you, I know what mine is: All wind, all the time.

This recent spate of hurricane force winds began late Christmas Eve. Ron and I had just come home after taking my parents and my sister on a tour of the festive light displays when I heard a sound much like a freight train. The house rattled. The windows shook. The metal hinges on our front gate groaned. It was the wind. I spent much of the night trying to console my poor horses who looked at me as if I was somehow responsible for the weather. Who could blame them for spooking and snorting? When they weren't jumping and whirling, they stood motionless, an expression of resignation on their faces. They were heavily blanketed, and had shelter. But they were miserable nonetheless.

After living in this area for nearly 30 years, I know that when the Los Angeles news stations issue wind velocity warnings, I have to add at least 20 miles per hour to the estimate. When the winds are blowing at 40 mph, I don't ride. When they hit 50 mph I switch from feeding hay to feeding pellets. Hay just gets blown into the neighbor's yard. When the gusts top 80 mph-- and trust me, they do-- I apologize to Wally and Lexi, try to appease them with carrots and horse cookies, and make sure that nothing can possibly blow into their paddocks and injure them.

So much for the post-holiday spirit. Hopefully 2008 will be much more heavenly.


Anonymous said...

uf, that sounds awful! here in minnesota, we stuggle with snow, ice, and cold weather! Yesterday i went out riding, and it actually wasn't that bad, only had to wear 3layers of clothing! haha

Anonymous said...

We wear thermal clothes here in PA. It cuts down on the layers, and it makes riding less bulky.

Anonymous said...

ya, less layers is much more comfortable. does anyone know of a good brand of winter riding gloves out there?

Anonymous said...


That's all I got to say. It's MUCHOS LOVES!

SSG has good winter riding gloves.

Cindy Hale said...

Thanks, now I feel guilty complaining about wind! I don't know how I'd survive in snow and ice and extremely frigid temperatures. You'll all probably laugh at me, but yesterday I had to ride in my chaps in order to keep my legs from freezing... and it was 47 degrees. You'd probably consider that "warm." I guess I'm a wimp, LOL!