Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's With All the Goo?

I admit it. I'm a neat freak. Not inside my house, however. My husband will attest to that. But I am constantly organizing crates and tote trays in my tackroom and rotating old stuff out of my tack box. That's why I'm really perturbed with all the goo I seem to accumulate. As horse owners and horse handlers, we're constantly collecting jars and bottles of salves, ointments, soaps, topical antiseptics, oils, etc. Their manufacturers claim these concoctions are all state-of-the-art. Then why oh why can't they also design some sort of lid that screws on tightly? Most of my bottles and jars end up looking like the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

If I happen to leave that bottle of medicated soap tilted ever so slightly, watch out! By the next morning a lava flow of orange goo has trickled over my best set of brushes.

Don't even get me started on anything in liquid form that is applied to a horse's hooves. It always ends up "applied" to every other item in the tack box.

Apparently I'm not the only one who is baffled by the abundance of goo that permeates the horse world. You can read what your fellow horse lovers discovered when they dared to venture into the deep, dark depths of their tack boxes in this humorous article on Horse Channel:
Tack Box Treasure Hunt

Not only is there goo galore in these tack boxes, but also some funny finds: doughnuts, a horde of hairnets and some moldy oldy bridle parts. The comments that follow the article are insightful as well. Just click on "view comments" and you can read about a missing camera re-discovered years later in someone else's tack box and a wad of keys that don't unlock anything. Some tack boxes are treasure troves, it seems.

After you read that article, feel free to search through your tack box. Is the inside of your tack box also gummed up with goo? Leave your findings in the "submit a comment" section following the article. Who knows, your response could end up in the pages of an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated!

Meanwhile, I'll be washing my hands to rid them of gunky horse stuff residue. Again.


Anonymous said...

A cat PEED in my smaller tack box.

I had to wash everything in there. It sucked.

Nancy said...

Not only is my tack box filled with gunk, my horse delights in picking it up by the handle, and swinging it around - spewing brushes, combs, and gunk all over the barn or paddock!

Cindy Hale said...

I have to say, not much smells worst than CAT PEE! Wow, that's pretty bad, Gina! And Nancy, I also have horses that enjoy the game of Toss the Tack Tote... although it's not a game for me! Thanks for sharing your comments.