Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Got Halter?"

As you can see, we don't waste any time getting a halter on our foals. Cowboy readily accepted it, probably because he's being handled several times a day and also because his dam-- the orphan we raised-- thinks she's just another human member of the family. I apologize for my head being cut off in this picture. But my mother was holding the camera and she is not exactly known for her photographic talents. Plus, have you ever tried to take a decent snapshot of a foal? It's kind of like trying to herd cats: Just when you think you've got them cornered they squirt off in another direction. Camera shy or not, I must admit I'm already pretty fond of the buff-colored colt. I can't wait to see what color he turns out to be. Already he's getting dark eyeliner around his eyes, which have become more of a dark hazel brown instead of the smokey blue eye color he was born with. I'll take another photo in a few days so we can all watch the color transformation. Of course, I'll have to get him to stand still first.


Anonymous said...

One of the best parts about foals is the halter. I can't get over how TINY they are. I look at Bucky's foal halter and think - he used to fit in here!? (He's nearly got a draft size head)

Of course, that might be why I like pony halters as well - they're tiny and adorable.

Anonymous said...

He's positively ADORABLE! He's got a pretty good conformation from the looks of the picture, and his coloring's real nice too. I Love the feel of a baby's coat. Hazel eyes? I've never seen those.

Yes, if you can get him to stand still long enough DO try to get another picture of him in a few days. Maybe try while he's sleeping.


Anonymous said...

aw. he is so adorable : )

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Cindy Hale said...

Yes, the foal halters are so tiny! By the way, I learned a looooong time ago that a short "catch rope" attached to the halter was one of the World's Greatest Ideas, LOL!

In only a few more days Cowboy can go live outside... the vet is coming tomorrow afternoon to check on the progress of his tendons. They look very good; no longer tight or contracted and he can certainly zip around the foaling stall fine! Fortunately the foaling stall is quite large, so it's not like he's confined to some tiny box stall. I'm sure that April, his dam, will appreciate getting outside even more!