Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yup, that Would be Rain That's Falling

Oh good grief! Here I was, just blathering on about the ungodly heat we've been experiencing... and today the wind came up, the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped and it started raining. Not only that, but the local network news out of LA showed film of an overturned railroad train and a topsy turvy tractor-trailer rig on a nearby freeway due to wind. Uhm, that would be wind from an impromptu tornado.

Needless to say, right now Wally is inside his house. His erstwhile "cabana" has become his Rain Room.

I don't think this storm will last long. But regardless of its duration it ruined my ride today. I rode Wally over to the stable where I give my riding lessons (it's my former coach's private facility) and sat on Wally while instructing Veronica, one of my students. Just as she finished her faux medal class work-off-- I have her practicing a variety of work-off patterns so she's prepared for everything-- I began to smell that distinctive odor of wet earth. The brisk wind was carrying it, along with a herd of dark clouds. Wally seemed rather pleased, however, because I'd also begun fooling around with asking him to perform some western horsemanship and trail class skills. I'd backed him around cones in a figure-8 pattern, loped over the little flower boxes and made him sidepass back and forth over some ground poles. The brewing rainstorm cut that short.

Once Veronica had her horse back in the crossties, I headed for home. Fortunately, the bridle paths are manicured enough that I could pretty much lope Wally all the way home. I made it to my tackroom just as the lightning and thunder started.

Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I can ride Wally then. But don't you know it'll probably be hot and sunny again. *sigh*
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Jessica said...

We have a saying here in Charleston: "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change."

I have a big trail ride planned for this weekend, and don't you know the weathermen can't decide if it's going to rain or not? *sigh*

Ps - thanks for your previous comments!

Anonymous said...

yea it was the same here in ojai. 100 degrees last sunday and then poring today.

Anonymous said...

Well, last night on the news they said it would be in the 90's with a slight 30% chance of scattered showers. We went to my nieces birthday party, and on the way there the skies turned dark green, and all heck broke loose. We had lightning thunder and pouring rain! It lasted for over 2 hours, and after the party the skies were a beautiful bright blue, and everything was clean and shiny, and there was a gentle breeze. Like nothing had happened! If you don't like the weather in Arkansas, wait 5 minutes!

Cindy Hale said...

Fortunately, I got to go on my trail ride yesterday! But I was smart enough to wear my heavy jacket... which I thought I wouldn't be wearing again until about Halloween time.

ktugwell said...

You should live where I live, Seattle area the great Northwest. Always raining, we pray for sun all the time. I would love to live where you are I could ride whenever I wanted to. I wouldn't have to see what the weather report was going to be (which makes no difference cuz they are wrong most of the time). Anyway I would probably want rain, Huh. :)
Happy riding, and by the way I love your blog it makes me laugh.:)