Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wally as Tour Guide

Today I decided to let Wally write the blog. It was an interesting experiment, as I had to hold the reins with one hand, the camera with the other, and take mental notes of Wally's commentary while I was riding. But here it goes, in Wally's own words:

"It's a lovely summer morning and I'm headin' down the trail just across the street from my home. As you can tell, the neighbors spend a lot of time with their landscaping. But I can't figure out why no one around here grows anything edible, like carrots. Or corn. Or peppermint plants."

"Huh. This looks interesting. If I hadn't gorged myself on my usual breakfast of orchard grass, alfalfa and a scoop of beet pulp sweet feed, I might have the energy to actually get excited about heavy machinery. But nah... I'm too lazy. Instead, I'd like to imagine that if I come back as a human in my next life, I'd like the job that guy has: holding a sign and standing still a lot."

"Here I am, waiting for the signal to change so my mom and I can cross one of the busier streets in town. She taught me to stand patiently at the curb by reaching down and handing me a peppermint candy while we waited. I didn't quite have the heart to break it to her that I was perfectly happy to stand still even without the peppermint bribe."

"Sometimes I get to cross paths with some of my buddies in town. That's Little Bay horse on the left and Bigger Darker Bay horse on the right. While the human Moms yakked about the weather, we horses were planning a midnight corral break to go visit the mares up the hill. That's the beauty of secret horse languages: The humans never really know what you're thinking! Of course, I doubt it'll happen, but we horses have to dream, you know. Oh. And the human on the right mentioned that I had a 'big gorgeous butt.' Obviously she has particularly good taste."

"And now here I am, crossing the final little street right in front of my house. My mom is always amazed that I never seem to be barn sour. Why would I be in a hurry to get home? While I admit I love my house (although once again, notice the plants: NOTHING EDIBLE!), there are so many adventures that await me on the trails. Why hurry home when fun is only over the next hilltop?"


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Anonymous said...

Awww! That's really incredibly cute. Haha, I love his ears in each of the picture and how they change, and how he just kinda channels in on his home in the last picture. Haha, you should do one where he's in the woods or crossing water or something.

Nancy said...

LOL!!! Wonderful posting. I'm always "channeling" Leo's thoughts - Like Wally, he's quite a chatterbox. But because he's only 4, and really a teenager, often the comments are sarcastic! AWWW MOM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, that's a very neat idea, i always love to try to read my horses thoughts!

Anonymous said...

aww.... Wally is so cute! I love all those pics, i can totally think of what the pony i lase would say! unlike wally hes slightly barn sour. "well when we went on a trail ride today ...there was a bag ahh its goona eat me that bag is evil, evil i tell you" LOL! i love this blog its so cute!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! With my mare Emma living in the country outside a small town in Kentucky, I sometimes don't realize I guess what other horse owners do in highly populated towns or cities,i.e dealing with traffic lights. Emma sometimes doesn't like the dog across the street. It's like EEK! That dog is going to get me! LOL!

Jessica said...

Aww! Those are the cutest ears ever!!! Wally is a terrific tour guide. I'd sure take him with me anytime.

Cindy Hale said...

Thanks for all of your responses. Wally will have to take us all on another tour again soon. It's definitely true that trails are different around the country. Sometimes I see photos of my friends riding (or "hacking out" as they call it) where they live, on the east coast or in the south. It's SO GREEN! All year long! I wouldn't know how to ride amongst all those trees!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wally! You are SOOOO cute! Thanks for taking us along on your ride to see where you get to go! Do you ever get to go to the beach? All we have around here is TREES! And deer... oh, and I love to go to the local horse shows! Tell your mom to give you a kiss for me!


Anonymous said...

I love that! We talk for our horses all the time! Sometimes, we'll even go beyond just talking for them. For instance, we like to personify them and give them girlfriends. My friend Jessi is trying to get her mare Foxey to like my gelding. She tells her to stop pinning at him whenever she does. He likes her. we put them on the hitching post next to each other and he all of a sudden started acting like a stud- while he was tied up. It was VERY interesting. Of course it's all in fun, but we like to express their personalities in words.