Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!!!

I'm sure I'm like many of you in that I have this on-going love/hate relationship with computers, the Internet and technology. Suffice it to say that I wanted to post new entries on this blog, but I couldn't. And yet, I'd stare at the screen, see my blog, have things that I wanted to type and... it just wouldn't let me! You know, kind of like standing at the bottom of the trailer ramp with your horse. You want to go for a ride. Your tack is packed. You made yourself a little snack. You're supposed to link up with your friends on the trail. But your horse just stares at you as if to say, "Nah, I'm not feeling much like hopping up in there right now. Check back with me in a few minutes."

Or perhaps the horse could be saying, "I'll climb inside the trailer when you tell me the secret password!"

By now you understand the problems I was having. *sigh*

At any rate, here I am... finally... and I can update you on a few things. My farrier pulled off Lexi's shoe and discovered a small hoof wall separation that he feels could be the problem. So it was pared out and then packed with cotton soaked in this solution that can only be described as something used for pickling specimens in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Then Lexi's foot was wrapped and bound up like a mummy. The vet-- who still stands by her previous diagnosis of a bruised heel-- will be out later today to re-inspect and take a few xrays. I must admit, Lexi is remarkably better this morning. Perhaps she overheard me telling my husband that if she cannot stand up to the amount of trail riding I want to do with her, I may have to find her a new home as a broodmare. I'm sure she fears that the carrot-to-hay ratio won't be quite as high in the broodmare profession as it is here.

The comments and emails I got were very nice and, in fact, funny! Many of you are so clever! When I mentioned how a support group for people with sore horses might be nice, I got several other suggestions for support groups. One was the Why Does Everyone Have a Horse But Me support group. Since I can still recall being horseless when I was (much) younger, I can sympathize with wanting a horse desperately. Then there was a plea for a gathering of the No One Else is a Horse Person group. Ah, now that can be a sticky situation, where you're passionate about horses and there isn't anyone in your family or close circle of friends that understands you. They all think you're stricken with some sort of undiagnosed mental illness.

You know, when I think of how much I fret and worry about my horses, and how much money I spend on their care and upkeep, perhaps they're right...

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Anonymous said...

All the love and affection that a horse gives back is totaly worth it! Let those poor poor un-horsey wonder why you like tack stores, instead of clothing stores.

Cindy Hale said...

I agree with you, Ami! I haven't been shopping at a real clothing store in ages. I wander around Macy's sometimes, admiring the pretty outfits, but I never buy anything because I really can't ride or muck stalls in a Calvin Klein suit or a Jones New York blazer. However, I do believe I own an entire assortment of t-shirts from Target.