Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do I Even Know You?

I've been married to my husband for almost 26 years and yet, honest to God, sometimes I feel like I don't know him at all. For example, when we bought this house we argued on nearly every detail regarding interior decor. I wanted furniture and accoutrements that evoked early California, and hand-crafted, folksy items from Mexico. He wanted to conjure up Surfin' USA. I kept trying to explain that we had a horse in our backyard. Therefore I saw no use for carved tiki heads and palm fronds. Skip ahead almost two years and what does he buy off eBay? Not a vintage poster of the quintessential surf film, The Endless Summer. Not a table lamp in the shape of a seashell. No. He buys this and sticks it on the wall of our living room, which will serve as Exhibit A in: "Never Give a Man Your eBay Password":

Ron calls this our "conversation piece." Yup. Guests will start each conversation with, "Oh my gosh! You have a dead cow skull hanging on your wall!"


I'm not sure if I should be happy that Ron has finally come around to embracing the ranch themed atmosphere I wanted to create, because my vision really didn't include remnants of dead animals, even if they did once roam an actual ranch. Then again, he's always been a pretty good sport about putting up with me and my horses. Whether he's mucking out Wally's stall when I don't feel well or running to the feed store to order a delivery when I'm writing an article on deadline, he's been a very reliable horse husband. So I guess I'll put up with the cow skull. Things could be worse. I could still be in search of a man who'd tolerate my horsey lifestyle. Things are tough out there for horsewomen trying to find a guy who's not put off by horse hair on the furniture, mud on the floor and alfalfa dust on the kitchen counter. See for yourself by clicking on this link: Wherefore art thou, Oh horsey Valentine? I did some research for this short feature on Horse Channel: I trolled through several online dating sites specifically designed for horse lovers and equestrians, cowboys and cowgirls. And what I discovered is that I'm glad that I have Ron, even if does have peculiar tastes in home decor.
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Nancy said...

LOL!!! Now your living room wall looks like a Georgia O Keefe painting!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Very funny, Cindy. It made me laugh. :)

Cindy Hale said...

Ha! You're right, Nancy: I have my own Georgia O' Keefe still life! And I'm very happy that my life gives people a chance to laugh in today's dreary environment.

Anonymous said...

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