Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time Gallops Onward

Did my behind ever actually fit in a saddle this small? And not that I have huge feet, but were they ever so petite that I rode in stirrups not much larger than your average coffee mug?
Oh my gosh! It's October! This shouldn't really surprise me because I've had a gigantic plastic bowl of "fun-sized" Kit Kat bars sitting on my kitchen counter for a week. They were supposed to be for the annual herd of trick-or-treaters, but you know how that goes. I end up grazing through them long before the Witching Hour. The realization that the year is passing so quickly (wasn't it just Fourth of July?) has left me feeling rather melancholy. Why? Because as time passes I'm getting older. And I'm beginning to feel it.That point was driven home last weekend. Not only did I judge a horse show populated primarily with children, but the day before that I taught my Saturday slate of riding lessons. For one hour I played the role of teacher to a trio of horse crazy girls who never demonstrated any ebb to their reservoirs of energy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, I trudged around the arena on foot like a sweaty plow horse. When the lessons were finished for the day, I grabbed a bottle of water out of Sue's refrigerator in the tack room and guzzled it like a thirsty endurance horse. Or like an endurance horse without much endurance. The kids? They were zigzagging from crossties to wash rack, shampooing horses, cleaning tack and sweeping up. That's when it dawned on me: Maybe it's not just their youthful age, but their diminutive size that accounts for their boundless energy. It must be so easy to move through space when you're a kid the size of a pea pod.
Put down that Kit Kat bar and click on "comments" to share your thoughts. I love to read them!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Life With Horses! You're officially one year and one day old! :D

Cindy Hale said...

Oh my gosh! That's right! Maybe I'll crack open another bag of Kit Kat bars to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I just ate a Butterfinger!:D That's the best part about the middle/end of October, isn't it?

Well, besides the horses getting friskier with the colder weather- when it gets cold, anyway. It's been around 70 and 80 the past week or two! We had a show Saturday and we all wanted to strip down to tanktops, but once the sun went down... brrr! (I think maybe my brain went down with the sun, as did my horse's sanity... a horse capable of performing a 17 second barrel run should NOT have problems with being beaten by a lesson pony ridden by an 11-yr.-old kid... even if that pony DID used to be a barrel racer in Montana! ha, ha)

Riley said...

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