Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Crunch

I know. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. But I'm already feeling the budget busting pressure that comes with the Christmas shopping season.

Adding to my gift buying worries is my ever present sense of anxiety over Wally. Hey, if I weren't worrying about him, I'd be fretting over something else!

I've come to the conclusion that Wally's sometimes creaky hocks warrant a series of Legend shots, which are not cheap. But I've used Legend on some of my performance horses in the past and I've always been impressed with the results. That hasn't always been the case with oral joint supplements (which aren't exactly cheap, either). Not that my math skills are anything to boast about, but I have determined that in the long run it'll be less expensive-- and hopefully more productive-- to stop buying oral supplements and go with the occasional Legend shot.

It's not that Wally's lame. If he were, I would not ride him. But there are days when I nudge him into a jog-- especially if I've ridden him several days in a row-- and I can feel that he's stiff in his hind end. Or for a few strides he'll take a short step with one hind leg. Fortunately, these symptoms are all short lived. But I want to keep them that way. I knew when I purchased Wally that he had arthritis in both of his hocks. Ideally the Legend injections will prolong his soundness.

I want Wally to last forever. Or at least die a peaceful death, with me by his side, two decades from now. I enjoy him that much. I love him that much. I depend on him to lift my spirits that much. How can I not do whatever is necessary to keep him comfortable?

But to budget for elective veterinary care at the holidays takes some financial juggling. Because I have an extensive list of gifts to buy, I hunt for things on sale. I prowl the aisles of discount stores. I make sure I have a specific list of possible gifts before I head out of the house, purse and debit card in hand. And I avoid malls. Completely. Why? Because I'm hopelessly drawn to displays of bright, shiny products. If they play any sort of tune, I'm mesmerized. Heaven forbid I wander through the seasonal decor department at Macy's. Everyone in my family might end up with a musical snow globe.

But at least Wally will end up with his Legend shots.

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hehe - I can't go to the mall at Christmas either! I'm like a racoon - everything shiny attracts me!
Plus, with all the horsey places I shop emailing me about their "Christmas specials" - I have NO need!

Best of luck with the legend shots for Wally!