Friday, November 28, 2008

Too Much Thanksgiving

I don't know if I need a bran mash or a dose of psyllium in my feed. But I think I ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner. It didn't look like I put that much food on my plate, though, so perhaps it was that I ate too much of stuff I don't normally consume. I mean, how often do I eat sweet potatoes cooked with an upper crust of Wheaties and pecans?

I'm guessing that the way I felt at about 1:30 this morning is about the way Wally (or any other horse) would feel if they over-indulged themselves at the feed trough.

Because of my post-Thanksgiving "Uckies" I went on an extended trail ride this morning with my trail riding buddy, Natalie. It's become an annual tradition of mine: before and after every major feast day, I go for a lengthy ride. I suppose I'm doing some sort of dietary penance for the food I am about to gorge on.

My next seasonal event will be The Annual Parading of the Husband Through the Local Tack Stores. This is where I lead Ron up and down the aisles, pointing out, "I want this, Wally would like that, and I could really use this." He's required to take notes along the way as to size, shape, color and design.I have to do this, as humiliating as it sounds. Otherwise Ron picks up my Christmas Wish List and just stares at it. I can't blame him. Words like "bell boots" and "romal reins" boggle the mind of many a non-horsey husband.

But that shopping excursion can wait a few days. First I have to digest 1/2 pound of my Aunt Elaine's creamed onions.


Anonymous said...

i ate to much too- but i laughed a ton, at my cousins mischeivius things! hehe! At least you know you'll get something you like on christmas if you drag ron thorough the tackstore!

Anonymous said...

Uff. I can sympathize. I ate about 1/2 a pound of stuffing, and I'm somebody whose stomach is smaller than her eyes! It's back to hardcore cardio, running, and riding tomorrow. And back to my diet. Lovely. I'm afraid to weigh myself.

And I need to parade my parents through the tack shop too! They have absolutely no idea what spur straps are. Oh dear.

Cindy Hale said...

I'm gearing up for the Tour of the Tack Stores. We have 3 in town, plus the feed store (gift certificates for hay are always welcomed), so it'll take a good portion of an afternoon. I'll be sure to take photos.

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