Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't Mess with My Horse

I don't have any children. I like kids, but for various reasons-- including medical problems-- I never foaled... I mean "had"... any of my own children. Instead, I have horses.

I'm certain that mothers have a special intrinsic connection with their children. Yet my horses are my children, and I believe that I have nearly as close a bond with them as I would with any human offspring I might've produced. This manifests itself in an unwavering sense of protectionism toward my beasties. Wally may have his obnoxious side, but I love him dearly nonetheless. If anyone would purposely try to harm him, I'd fight them to the death. Or at least maim them with the nearest item of weaponry. A 1,000 thwacks with a manure fork comes to mind.

This motherly devotion to my horse's welfare is why I became so personally outraged when I heard the tale of Cheyenne, a cute AQHA sorrel mare owned by the assistant manager of one of the big feed stores in my town. Cheyenne's owner, Jacki, came home one evening to discover her pretty mare had suffered a horrific injury to her skull. The mare eventually lost her eye and nearly died from a massive infection. What caused the injury? Details are sketchy and there is some legal mumbo jumbo involved, but circumstances point to the possibility that someone intentionally harmed the mare. If you want to read how Jacki nursed Cheyenne through the ordeal, click on this link to read the story on Horse Channel:
A Thanksgiving Story of Survival

Fortunately, Cheyenne has returned to active duty as a pleasure and performance horse, albeit with only one eye. However, every time I think of that cute red mare having to endure the pain and stress associated with the injury, I reconnect with how devastated I would be if something happened to Wally.

So hug your horses tonight. And be thankful that they're safe and warm and kept safe by their Mom.
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Anonymous said...

I am an animal lover--was raised that you do not harm animals in any way BUT when the neighbor's German Shepherd came after my mare and started circling around her and acting like it wanted to take her down, I blasted it with cold water from the waterhose and marched right over to them and told them to get ahold of THEIR dog or I would shoot it. No one messes with my horse! I believe that any human who abuses animals should have the same abuse done to them.

Christina de Pinet said...

I understand how you feel, Cindy! I was the exact same way towards my animals - especially my horses - before I had my daughter. Even though Elayne took first place in my heart my animals are still like my family. Maybe nieces and nephews...

Cindy Hale said...

Gwen, I am very protective of my horse, too, when it comes to dogs. Out here we have a continual problem with unleashed or uncontrollable dogs rushing at horses on the trails. I would've done the same thing you did!

And yes, Christine, horses are like members of our family. In fact, I can just imagine Wally being the obnoxious uncle with lame or crass jokes at every family function.