Monday, November 17, 2008

Secondhand Smoke

The wildfire that stampeded its way through large swaths of neigborhoods west of me is finally being brought under control. My cousins and my sister were permitted to return to their homes last night. Property around them was destroyed or damaged but all of their residences were fine.

Since the winds have died down, Wally and I are being "treated" to an acrid odor of smoke that hangs in the air. There's no escaping it. I won't be doing any riding today; it wouldn't be good for either of us. I think that instead I'll clean my tack. That's always a good rainy day (or smokey day) project. Soon it'll be a better environment and better weather for riding. Winter, with its clean, crisp, cool air has to be on its way... right?


Anonymous said...

You are welcome to our Kentucky weather--cold, windy and snow showers for the past two days. When I cleaned my mare Emma's stall yesterday, I had to put herself in her red blanket out in the cold and she stamped her foot until I shared my apple with her. I was bundled up in gloves, a hooded sweatshirt and my winter coat over my jeans and boots. It was cold!!

Anonymous said...

i'll gladly trade my weather too! are high of the day is 30 degrees F. plus windchills- BRRR.... amd some snow!Glad to here your sister, you and everyone else is ok!

Anonymous said...

Yep, here in PA, it's been extremely cold. We got our first snow in October, and as I'm sitting here typing this, it's STILL snowing outside- and sticking. As much as you would think that the horses would prefer being in a warm barn when the freezing wind is blowing hard enough to chill any human down to the bone, they don't like being in their stalls every night- even though I turn them out every morning at 5am and leave them out until late afternoon or evening when it gets dark.

If your weather is any warmer, I'd be happy to switch, too!

Cindy Hale said...

Well, I guess no one is ever truly satisfied with their local seasonal weather. It's sort of like hair cuts: You always want the hair style that some other woman has.

While I do wish it'd be cooler and crisper, I do NOT want "snow showers." Okay, maybe one snow shower so I could say that I lived through one, but otherwise I want my parkas to be decorative outerwear, not functional. I can't imagine wearing so many layers of clothes around the barn. Doing the laundry must take forever!