Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

'Twas the nightmare before Christmas... Oh wait. I think I just stole those words from a Tim Burton film. My apologies. But despite the fact that I utterly LOVE the holiday season, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed: Too many gifts to buy, too many crafty things I planned on making (in too little time) and too much food concocted with cream cheese. My budget, my mind and my stomach are just not cut out for the six weeks that run from mid-November through New Years Day. At least I had fun decorating my Christmas tree, as you can see by the photo. Since I'm mesmerized by anything bright and shiny, our tree is covered in mostly sparkly glass ornaments, and thus the flash on my camera was completely blitzed out by the reflected glare. If you're anything like me and you start to countdown the days until Santa comes to town, click on this link to the Holiday Countdown on Horse Channel: Ways to Keep the Holidays Horsey.
Yes, I wrote each of the entries on the holiday countdown. But our webmaster (webmistress?) Leslie organized the whole shebang. I think it turned out really cute! Each day there will be a different creative tip, a smidgen of horse-related holiday trivia or some other idea to keep your holidays merry and horsey. Let's hope they remain stress-free, as well! In the meantime, I need an Advil.
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Anonymous said...

awww.... i started decorating the tree- then got "picture happy" after the dogs came home from getting their hair-cut.

Cindy Hale said...

Ha! Ron and I just took our doggy to PetSmart for a photo with Santa. Isn't it funny how we mix our animals into our holiday activities?