Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Dear Noah: Please send ark..."

Okay, it can stop raining. Right. Now. As much as I like winter clothing, especially my pretty cashmere sweaters and my snazzy waterproof Goretex parka, I'm really getting sick and tired of peeling off wet socks and towel drying my hair.

For those of you who live in regions where winter comes on with a vengeance, you probably don't understand how devastating it is to Southern California when it rains-- hard-- for several days in a row. We're a bunch of cowards. We become overwhelmed with anxiety when the sun doesn't shine for a couple of days. That's because we simply aren't prepared for cold, stormy weather. Ever. There's too much asphalt and too little infrastructure so any amount of measurable rain results in flooding. And where it doesn't flood, there is mud. Everywhere.

Fortunately, I live on a hillside that's mostly granite and boulders, so I don't have mud. Instead, the water runs off in sheets of glassy wetness. And I also have several in-ground drains. But we've had so much rain for so long a period that my drains simply cannot escort the water off the property fast enough. That means that Wally's turnout is looking less like a sandy paddock and more like the Mississippi delta.

At least Wally's covered stall is cozy and dry... for the most part. When the wind blows, the rain comes down horizontally and blows inside the stall, so there are some wet spots along the inside panels. But otherwise he's quite pampered. Still, when I fed him this evening, he looked at me like, "I've had enough of this wet, cold weather. I am not happy. I would much prefer to get out, thank you very much, so will you please make it stop?"

Believe me, if I had any power over the weather, I would exercise it. If I could control the weather, it'd be perpetually 78 degrees. But then, where's the challenge in living in that type of climate? And when would I ever get the opportunity to wear my Goretex parka? After all, nothing says "feminine glamor" like Goretex.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. Thought I would share my own weather woes. I live near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The only place where it's +40C in summer and -40C in winter. The windchill has been hovering around -30C for about a week and a half already! My horses are normally turned out in corrals during the day, then in the barn at night. Over the weekend, they had to stay in the barn all day for nearly 4 days in a row because it was just too cold! Talk about pent up energy! And I can forget about riding until it warms up to the minus teens. As bad as it is, I have to admit, I'm not sure I would switch places with you.

Anonymous said...

I'll take normal rain over freezing rain any day! we got 4 inches of a "wintry mix" translation Snow, ice, sleet, and rain, you name it. Which is now basically Ice! Glad wally is keeping dry in his stall! I have to say though, i think i would go nuts without seeing a little bit of snow every year!

Cindy Hale said...

See? Just when I feel miserable about the weather, I hear from other horse people who have it worse than me. Today it was quite nice, but Wally was pretty high again, because it was too chilly and ucky to ride him yesterday. Needless to say, he got worked hard in the arena (which surprisingly was dry) before I trusted him on the trails.

Anonymous said...

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