Friday, December 26, 2008

Wally as Poet

Wally occasionally greets me in the morning with small patches of hives. Oddly, he only gets The Bumpies on exposed parts of his body, which prompted my vet to surmise that it's some sort of contact allergy. Yet I've tried switching fly sprays, feed, shampoo and bedding. I've had Wally sleep outside in his paddock on dirt and inside in his stall on shavings. Nothing seems to matter. So my solution is to clothe him from head to toe before he goes to bed. It beats dosing him daily with antihistamines. The bad news? My horse looks like a professional wrestler before sunset. After I dress him in his pajamas, Wally always looks so humiliated. He's undoubtedly the most expressive horse I've ever owned. In fact, he recently began composing poetry to convey his feelings. He favors haiku, a Japanese form of poetry that is both succinct and descriptive. Haikus always have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again in the third. Here's the first haiku that Wally allowed me to share:
I have allergies.
Mother dresses me funny.
I am embarrassed.
With the cold, wet days of winter weather upon us, Wally will have plenty of free time to write plenty of haiku. Who knows what he'll write about next!


Anonymous said...

Aww Cindy! Wally is adorable as a "professional wrestler". My horse Smile often composes poems like Wally:
It is cold outside
So why are we still jumping?
I want my dinner

Anonymous said...

awww.... Wally looks cute all bundled up! but, its alot colder here! i bet.

It's cold and wet out,
I look like a snowball now,
Will this weather end?

Cindy Hale said...

Ha! I love your haikus! Aren't they fun? Somehow they sound just like our horses would speak. I'm sure that 'Wally' will come up with a few more. Maybe I can get a contest started on Horse Channel, or an HI Spy column on horse haikus...

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's so cute! You should have a Wally "Poem of the Day".