Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Episode of "The Wally Cam"

It's a lovely November morning. There's a cool breeze blowing but it's an otherwise sunny day. So I snapped on one of my favorite western blouses, saddled up Wally and grabbed my camera as we went for a ride. Here's Wally's take on the trip:

"After what seemed like an endless walk up a long, winding trail, we reached Nirvana. Look at all that grass! I understand that this is something you silly humans refer to as a 'golf course.' What a ridiculous waste of perfectly good grazing land. Why, I'd make good use of that pasture, as if a little NO TRESPASSING SIGN would stop me. In fact, if someone did try to stop me, I'd just claim that horses can't read."

"We took a different trail around the hilltop and came upon this open area. I can sense something in the bushes. Coyote, perhaps? Jackrabbit? Or maybe a feed delivery truck? A horse can only hope."

"Aha! We've come upon another stretch of that golf course fiasco. But this section even boasts a lake. Hmmm... I think I'll send a letter to the BLM about this plot of land. Just imagine how many mustangs could roam around out here. And I could be their herd leader. Yeah! That's one of the best ideas I've ever had!"

"Dang! It's time to head home. But I must admit that even I enjoy a good view like this. The breeze blows all sorts of interesting smells my way, and I can see the rooftops of lots of barns in the distance, where I know some of my friends live. So onward I go, back to my own house. And hopefully, back to a good lunch!"
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Anonymous said...

Wally sure is one funny horse lol I liked his take on the golf course and him being the leader of a herd of mustangs lol :)

Mandy K said...

What a beautiful view you have when you ride.

Anonymous said...


cindy i'm jelous of your weather. can i have it? please!?! just kidding, We have below freezing here, freezing rain and were suppose to get rain!

Cindy Hale said...

Yes, I guess I am pretty lucky to have such nice trails right outside my backdoor. Yet when I see photos of my friends back east riding on trails through Virginia and Kentucky, I'm jealous of them. And then I have a friend who lives on a small ranch in Idaho, and she's surrounded by gorgeous country. (But then, she also has snow for about 4 months of the year). So I suppose we all have our trade-offs. But the weather has been lovely recently; just perfect for riding. I can only hope it doesn't heat up again. *gulp*

Anonymous said...

Darn it, Wally, you're lucky to be able to see all that open grass... even if you can't eat it. My mom doesn't take me on the trails very often- she always takes other horses (yes, I'm jealous, but I get to run in the ring!), and when she does, there's not mush grass, just trees. And more trees. And bushes. And mud. It's been cool and rainy here, too. You've got nice weather. Can we switch?
<3 Flash (aka Smart)

Cindy Hale said...

Honestly, I'd enjoy a few more trees along our trails. And some rain would be nice. Though trail riding through the mud isn't appealing, when it's too dry for too long the trails get rock hard or incredibly dusty. Truly, though, I'm not that particular about the weather. I'll ride in just about any kind of weather... besides THE WIND!!!